Video and Media Services

Legal Videography Specialists

Videotaped depositions are a crucial part to any litigation. It captures a hesitant pause or the angry tone of the witness and displays inaccuracies in the witness’ testimony.

Videos are the deciding factor in trial litigation and can take the jury to the bedside of the injured plaintiff or to the accident scene. It is a major tool in keeping the jury focused and impeaching the witness – uniquely preserving moments in time.

GJR’s legal video department uses hi-tech video editing and duplication equipment to ensure quality. Our editors are experts in editing testimony and providing your video dep in any format.

We can also provide you with a self-executable disc (DVT) with your transcript and synchronized video … no more fumbling around for that key part of the video. With a word search, you can easily find the video and just click and play.

Need to make clips for the trial? No problem. Your synchronized video deposition allows you to highlight the testimony that is needed for your clip allowing you to export it to any litigation and
trial support software.


Our Standard Service

  • Videotaped Depositions (1 or 2 Camera)
  • In-House CLVS Legal Videographers
  • Video Editing and Duplication
  • Courtroom Video Playback
  • Site Surveys and Inspections
  • Day-in-the-Life Videos
  • Settlements and Arbitrations
  • Digital Editing
  • Video-Text Synchronization
  • VHS/CD-ROM/DVD Formats

Court Video Reporting



Video-Transcript Synchronization
When you synchronize your transcript with video, it offers a tool for both Discovery and Trial. The days of fast forwarding and rewinding are over. With a simple keyword search, you can jump to a specific part of the video and simply click to play. What seemed like hours in preparatory work has been reduced drastically.

  • Simple Clip Creation (Highlight and Click)
  • Need to go to a Specific Area of Text? Simply Enter a Keyword and Jump to that Exact Part of the Video
  • Review your Linked Exhibits
  • Print a Full-Size or Condensed Version of your Transcript
  • Present your Video and Video Clips in Full Screen Mode
  • Export Video Depos and Linked Exhibits to TrialDirector, AD Summation and LiveNote
  • Email Video Clips and take Snapshots of any Frame
  • Copy and Paste Key Testimony Excerpts for Briefs, Motions and Summaries
  • Export Clips with Text to Microsoft PowerPoint