VideoTeleconferencing (VTC) is a supported secure, convenient and reliable choice for video and audio communications.

VTC has been designed with the legal and business communities in mind to provide consumers with communication access points consisting of unparalleled superiority and reliability for the transmission of both audio and visual inputs.

High Definition monitors along with state-of-the-art microphones paired with built-in delay minimization are utilized by Guy J. Renzi & Associates, Inc. to provide the user with a heightened experience expected from proficiency and technology.

It truly is as though those connected remotely are present in the room with you.

Why Choose VTC over Free Web-Based Applications?

Free-to-use software means there will more than likely be multiple issues. VTC through GJR is done on a monitored, private bridge with 24/7 security with 24/7 support staff oversight. When it comes to quality, comparing free-to-use software to VTC is like comparing a Big Mac to Filet Mignon. There is no comparison.

Free-to-use calls run the high risk of being disconnected, the video quality often times appearing fuzzy or grainy, the audio quality being poor or dropped, the risk of a time delay causing the audio and visual not to be synchronized. These disruptions can lead to the unintended and immediate misdirection of the user’s attention. It can also lead to an abrupt cancellation of a proceeding about to begin or in progress.

Standard Services

  • State-of-the-Art Conference Centers: New Jersey, the Country, and Abroad
  • Global Coverage with Network Affiliates including Affinity, Proximity, MIVNET, and Remote Counsel Network
  • Large HD Color Monitors and Interactive Cameras with a Split Screen Viewing Option
  • Advanced Document Cameras Project, Reduce, or Enlarge Exhibits with Perfect Clarity
  • Technical On-Site Support Staff
  • GJR Handles 100% of the Scheduling & Always Confirms your Session in Advance ISDN and VOIP Available