Court Reporting

Court Reporting: From Stenography to Technology

With any field comes updates, and the job of a real-time court reporter is no exception. Technology and computers are more frequently being installed in courtrooms in the U.S., and courts are constantly trying to find ways to cut costs using technology. Specifically, audio and video recording may be replacing court reporters in some cases, [...]

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Upcoming Trends in Legal Technology

As an experienced court reporter or a recent new comer to the field, you likely want to learn all that you can about your field and stay up on the current news and trends. Staying updated on your career and new developments, products, news, and especially trends are always important. By keeping one eye focused [...]

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Is Court Reporting Right For You? Field Job Growth Expected

Are you the type of person who loves being in official places? Do you like law shows? Maybe you really enjoy being in a courtroom and always like serving jury duty. Some people like the importance of it and feeling useful and necessary. Some people actually don’t mind when they get a parking ticket, because [...]

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Important Tips for Court Reporters

Being a certified court reporter means that it's your job to take down the proceedings of a courtroom. You must do so accurately, fairly, and objectively. A court reporter is someone that is relied upon to be creating the record of what went on. The part you play is essential. That's why it's so important [...]

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What Does the Future Hold for the Court Reporter Profession?

Being a court reporter is hard work, but it's a great profession that continues to grow. Certified court reporters are a necessary part of the legal process and are required in order to make sure that everything that happens in a court is taken down and documented. Back in the old days of court reporting, [...]

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Important Traits a Court Reporter Should Develop

Court reporters provide an important service to those who hire them. If you are already employed or working as a certified court reporter, then you already know that reporters are employed by a number of agencies. These are most commonly divisions of government agencies and vary among the state, federal, and local government. Court reporters [...]

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Can Voice Recognition Technology Really Replace Certified Court Reporters

Certified court reporters have been valuable to their job and the legal system for quite some time. But could court reporters be replaced by technology in the future? You may have read about technology starting to subsume all types of jobs, from cashiers in Asia to factory workers. There is a small trend of technology [...]

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Court Reporter Certification Benefits

Working as a court reporter can be a very rewarding job. However, things get all the better if you graduate to the status of a certified court reporter. A certified court reporter reaps many benefits that a non-certified reporter does not. Many court reporters in New Hampshire were recently alarmed when they found out the [...]

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Court Reporter Jobs Projected To Increase

Being a court reporter is an in demand job! What does a court reporter do exactly? Well, a court reporter essentially creates transcriptions at trials, depositions, and other legal proceedings of that nature. The transcripts that they create are taken exactly from what is said in the courtroom. Court reporters even work creating captioning for [...]

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How to Choose The Right Court Reporting Agency For You

If you're scheduling a deposition, you've probably already started your search for a well-qualified court reporting agency. Sure, you may think you've got it handled, but it doesn't hurt to make sure you've got all the bases covered. Here are some things to look for that at the end of the day may help you [...]

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